The Sedona Experience

For those of you sticking around through Monday July 8th we are offering tours with Sedona UFO & Vortex Tours. This amazing local company offers multiple options for a true Sedona Experience, with Vortex and Medicine Wheel tours as well as Ghost and UFO tours. On Monday July 8th, 2019 M and Ms. M will be joining the UFO and Ghost tours for an extra special experience. Follow the link below to book your tour and enter the promo code 7thSeal at checkout.

Let me show you the true POWER of SEDONA! Sedona is not a city it is a consciousness. The Vortex energy here is the most powerful any where on the planet. I will take you to the most miraculous healing vortex for a guided meditation to meet your Spirit Guides. Then to the biggest secret in Sedona the best vortex for manifesting your dreams. This is an area you can not get to on your own and a photographers dream come true.

Sedona NIGHTS are pure magic! Not only will you see a million more stars in our sky that you can not see with the naked eye. My UFO tour will forever change the way you think of the world around you. You will be using 3rd generation military night vision goggles that will ensure you will see all kinds of UFO activity both in the sky and landing on the mountains around Sedona.

This 1 day experience can truly be a game changer. Your consciousness will open to coming into more contact with your Star Family. Your third eye will continue to grow stronger everyday and all of your PSYCHIC ability will grow stronger everyday after being connected to the vortex you will always be connected. Sedona is a start to true lasting transformation and after seeing the UFO’s you will continue to see them even without the goggles….MAKE THIS PART OF YOUR SEDONA JOURNEY

Vortex Tours are 1,2 or 3 hour during the day and UFO Tours are 1 hour and begin after sunset

Ghost hunting Tours are really fun we do these at night and you will hear the Ghosts answer your questions thru our Ghost Radar box and see them coming near you with EMF detectors. Experience Haunted Sedona! 

Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel tour with The Reverend John Polk will take you on a journey inside your own consciousness as you rediscover your pantheon of Animal Totems. These Totems are your ancient ancestors and forgotten aspects of your soul. This divine reunion with yourself will bring you in contact with your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Gate Keepers, The Creator and Mother Earth. Together with Native American ceremonies, you will reconnect with your higher self in ways you never knew were possible. After this experience, you’ll have a permanent relationship with your Animal Totems that will last the rest of your life. 

The Medicine Wheel exists within all of us. We can use the wheel to understand our mind, body, emotions and soul to promote healing. Our Animal Totems are represented by the stones of the wheel. Providing an offering to them, your specific Totems will love and guide you along your path of ascension while deifying Mother Earth and the great Creator.

Contact Anita Owens to reserve your Tours Today at 513-680-8810